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Will you join us for a round of hyakumonogatari?
Mitani Soushi
——A dubious, lurking shadow. One night, a young girl is seized by this shadow.
A group of young men who came for Kimodameshi, participates in a one-night Kaidan at an old shrine. Amidst a game of Hyakumonogatari, they stumble upon a hidden door within the shrine. Following the underground passageway, there they find…
Folklore, tochigami, sacrifices…
Each and every were thought to be a story written in an ancient autobiography that was lost with time. However, due to the sacrificial seal left upon the young girl’s body, they all end up revisiting this place once more.
Lured, by the fate of their blood.
Lurking amidst the every day scenery, is an existence that cannot be human. Where the heroine steps foot upon, within the old shrine, are traces of an ancient tragedy. There she feels some sort of “presence”, which is the entrance to the extraordinary…
Just what kind of bond exists between the blood that runs within the veins of these boys, and the heroine?——

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Tsuyuha pre
I thought it could be avoided... what a shame...

Tsuyuha's parents died when she was young. She has been living with her foster parent since then. She doesn't reveal her emotions much cause she finds it a bother. In actual fact, she is a "tsukkomi" type of character.(more...)



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